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The much-awaited National MILO® Marathon is back! Gear up on your way to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on April 28, 2024 and be part of the history as you participate in biggest, grandest and longest-running marathon in the Philippines!

Heat Stroke Prevention

The basic principle behind heat stroke is that you are producing more heat than your body can get rid of.

Pouring water over your head and body can be an effective way of cooling. Grab a glass of water at every aid station and pour it on yourself (every aid station). And don’t forget some to drink as well. Use sponges if available. If you have family and friends along the course watching, get them to bring ice cold water/sports drinks that you can pour over yourself or drink (if you plan on winning the race this may disqualify you). If it is hot at the start then drink cold fluids prior to the start. Bring some ice-cold water that you can pour on yourself just prior to starting.

If you know it is going to be hot (or hotter than you are used to) then don’t wait until you feel hot (too late): prevent it by using all these suggestions. If the thought of getting sick/dying doesn’t worry you consider the following – athletic performance decreases as you get hotter, you will finish faster (and healthier) with an ounce of prevention.

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