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Our Total Solutions

For Event Organizers

Willix Events is offering total solutions to event organizers to make their events more successful and much easier to manage. 

Real-time registration and ticketing via your mobile dashboard

Upload your event and monitor as organizer or fundraiser in real-time. Gather tons of information from attendees and use them for marketing and future events.

Avoid logistics hassle by sourcing all your props and race kits from one manufacturer

You can configure and price your tickets according to your offer and promotion and receive payment in the manner you prefer. Registration and tickets will be automatically sent to the attendee and to your email and dashboard in real-time.

Sell Your Own Brand of Merch

You can sell paid merchandises in addition to event freebies. You don’t need to worry about the production and delivery because Willix Events can produce and inventorize the items, and ship them either direct to your customers or to your end. You can put your own design and brand label. Our sales staff and artists will be there to assist you.

You may try our 3dwear design app and use this access code 3d100.

Get Donations For Your Cause

Aside from selling events and merchandizes, you may solicit donations for a cause.

Advertise your event and your services for free.

Reach more event-goers and connect with companies who need your services and organizing skills.

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